President Jonathan’s Hall of Shame

A mere three days after President Goodluck Jonathan erected a Police checkpoint and extorted money from governors who were starving civil servants in yuletide, he quipped that Nigeria suffered from lack of a sense of shame! President Jonathan spoke to veteran actors who had come to sell him their pet project,

Santa Brings Stomach Infrastructure

Every time is a good time to give. But some people tend to defer generosity till December. They give only in the selfsame season when Santa comes from the North Pole, with love and toys. The Christmas that precedes a general election, as is the case this year, packs more action.

Before Governor Shema Imports A Genocide

We have always speculated that the perennial violence which pollutes Nigerian polls is masterminded by VIPs. A tech savvy citizen has now gifted us a keyhole glimpse into the dark room where they develop. Thanks to his patriotic instinct, a credible cameo of a session of Katsina Governor Ibrahim Shema’s conclave

The Kidnapping Of The Remains Of Dr. Ifeanyi Nwobodo

When you hear of the theft of the remains of Ifeanyi Nwobodo, something happens within you. Your heart shrinks. And a panicky flight kicks in. You seek refuge in expedient unbelief. Because you want to shield your sanity from admitting that such rape on reality happened. This ghoulish heist is far

Worshipping The False Messiahs Of Nigeria

Doyin Okupe presented President Goodluck Jonathan as Jesus Christ in the most opportune time. We were in Christmas mood and should have been most receptive to the revelation of god among us. Okupe’s job description as the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs is to appraise and praise

Na Only President Jonathan Waka Come!

It was no surprise that First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan relished the emergence of her husband as the sole Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party. She is a well-bred, loyal woman who had to be the natural runner up in joy at an occasion where her husband was the

Obasanjo’s My Watch Is A Flop

Those who don’t know what time it is may reach for former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s My Watch. But a quick caveat is fitting: The author is an exemplar of anachronism! He has had his day but he would not retire from contending with fade-out. Anything that can draw the spotlight to


I would be ready to bet the solitary strand of silver on my scalp that if you were socialized well enough in this clime, you have had multiple occasions, in your adult life, to apply the conventional wisdom that says certain questions beget questions. You learned the tact of matching


As one sits through the half hour bulletin and watches the TV screen renew itself with images of Death raking in a bumper harvest across the terrain – ISIS militants upgrading savagery with the playful slitting of throats of people who worship differently in Iraq and Syria ; the symbiotic