How Nigeria Will Be Buried

The most heartbreaking spectacle out of Zaria Massacre is not the heap of human corpses some trigger-happy soldiers of the Nigerian Army made out of the ‘’Shiites’’. It is the anomalous reaction of the immediate neighborhood. The hosts of the tragedy mobbed the dead bodies and stripped them of all

Zaria Massacre and President Buhari’s Birthday

Before the troll mob advance, consistent with the misshapen line of pedestrian reasoning that dogs Nigerian social discourse, that my given name and the religion it suggests that I profess effectively disqualify me from commenting on the massacre of Zaria, I present my credentials: I am a human being. And my humanity

Cleaning Nigeria The Josephine Way

My person of the year lacks the trappings of a world changer. She is not a person of power. She doesn’t boast universal renown. She is a commoner; an easily forgettable face. Josephine Ugwu was a contract hand with a concessionaire that handled the sanitation of Murtala Muhammad International Airport, Lagos.

Dasuki and The High Thieves

Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu once sat down for an interview with a newspaper reporter. The reporter, to break the ice, called the former Biafra secessionist leader, ‘’Chief’’. Ojukwu repulsed the honorific designation –as though it was a slur. Ojukwu admonished the journalist to stick with, ‘’Dim’’: ‘’Chief’’ sounded like ‘’Thief’’. Many

We Need A Domestic President

My first reading of the op-ed Garba Shehu, spokesman of President Muhammadu Buhari, wrote in response to the groundswell of public concern about the ceaseless overseas junketing of his principal in the face of worsening national emergencies, imparted such disbelief, dismay and disappointment to me, that I was forced to

A Word For Buhari, Our Absentee President

Within six months of inauguration, the man Nigerians elected in a historic voter revolution has created an alarming pattern of absenteeism. President Muhammadu Buhari, who is hyped as an orator of ‘’body language’’, has been voting with his feet since May 29, 2015. An audit of his overseas travel shows

The Difference Between Biafra and Biafraud

The spasms of rage that followed the incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and Director of Radio Biafra, in some parts of South East Nigeria have morphed into a theatre and taken a life of its own. From effervescence of anger, the Biafra secession protest has solidified

Fashola: The Abortion of A President and The Birth of A Superminister

Eleven people ran for president in Nigeria’s 2015 elections. General Muhammadu Buhari and then-incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan were the most popular of the pack. But the most eligible presidential material of the time did not feature in the contest.   Babatunde Raji Fashola, who was nearing the end of his second term

The Entertainment Activism of Ben Bruce

Ben Murray Bruce is doing three things you can’t possibly ignore. Bruce is baring his showman chest. He is pointing Nigerians to his vast reserve of the milk of human kindness. And he is performing a concern concert! The Senator representing Bayelsa East district is striving to impress everybody with his solicitude.

Before Second Termites Start TANning President Buhari…

In what underscores the pathology of futurist poaching that shapes the contours of Nigerian democracy, someone has kick-started a campaign for President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term, five months into the four year-long play!   Buhari is still hamstrung by wonderment at the empty treasury he met upon entering Aso Rock. He has