Fayose: The Loyalty of Peter

President Goodluck Jonathan needs friends now more than ever. His re-election loss has thoroughly thinned down his company. That crowd of courtiers and clowns formerly devoted to doting on him and making him happy are porting. They are migrating to greener pasture. They are defecting to the rival party. They

Suleiman Abba and The Royal Death Entourage

Why was Suleiman Abba fired? What sin did Abba, the policeman, commit that is worse than the obliteration of a dozen plus three souls executed by his namesake, the sack-proof Minister? Why Suleiman Abba? The Inspector General of Police who got his men to besiege the National Assembly, teargas opposition

Why Buhari Should Go Ahead And Abolish Minister of State

Last week, leading Nigerian newspapers reported that President-elect Muhammadu Buhari was straining at the leash to abolish Minister of State positions. He would turn the page on the aberration of a Minister of This coexisting with a redundant spare gratuitously designated Minister of State for This. The fact that Buhari

Fool Of The Week: That Igbo Deputation

The Fool of The Week should have been the man who loved one of his own tribesmen so much he determined that the best way to show it was to advertize his hate for the totality of members of another tribe. It should have been the man who received the homage

The Oba of Genocide

This might ring as a wild postulation. But there must be something about being fanatical about a candidate that obligates people to disgrace themselves as they pursue their favorite’s cause. The other week ‘’Elder’’ Godsday Orubebe, Peoples Democratic Party agent, stole primetime attention and made himself a heckler for the history