Dizeani Is Running In Vain

If Dizeani Allison Madueke, the queen of the Nigerian oil empire, did not scamper after President-elect Muhammadu Buhari, on the off-chance that she would seize a speaking opportunity with him, we would never have conceived of her as more than a pretty face and a crook. We would never

Beyond Black Market Sex: Loving Our Mad Women

Few days ago, VANGUARD newspaper tweeted the picture of a set of twins. Their mother was denominated as a Warri-based lunatic. They were swaddled and serenely asleep. Beautiful cherubs, they seemed to have been particularly sculpted for exhibition. The virtual meeting, as real life encounters with newborns do, gave me

Will APC Be Another Eatery?

We had assumed that we knew the Peoples Democratic Party. We knew the party’s trivia. We knew its humble beginnings. It was a spin-off of G-34. We knew its logo. The tricolor umbrella. We knew its command center. Wadata Plaza. We knew the genealogy of her chairmen. ( Solomon begat

How Not To Support The President

Not a few people believe that if they swapped places with President-elect Muhammud Buhari, they would know exactly what to do to fix Nigeria inside four years. They presume that Buhari may not have something commensurate to their breadth of wisdom, that he might be ‘’clueless’’. So they have taken