Gbajabiamila: How Not To Become Majority Leader

Femi Gbajabiamila is now the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. He tore his clothes to win the fight. The stakes required him to audition for the job naked! It wasn’t beneath the dignity of ‘’Honorable’’ Gbajabiamila to fight dirty. He couldn’t bear to lose. Because he didn't have ambition:

America and The Nigerian Gay Pride

As President Muhammadu Buhari prepared for his just concluded official visit to the United States, many Nigerians feared for the potential cost. We murmured against blowing 2.2 billion naira on one single travel. But that was an aside. Our concern stretched beyond what dregs of paper money would remain in our

Understanding Radio Biafra

This is Radio Biafra’s finest hour. From toiling through many years of relative obscurity, striving to provoke the imperturbably apathetic Nigerian government into acknowledging the nuisance of its broadsides, the pest has attained recognition as a viable threat to the existential integrity of Nigeria. It has become the object of

Short Commentary: Buhari Is Brainless!

Folks who call President Muhammadu Buhari brainless might be right after all. The senile man is supposed to be Islamizing Nigeria. Turning all of us towards Mecca. But he seems to have CHANGEd the sole agenda he should be driving in Aso Rock. He approved a concessionary exchange rate of 160

#SaveKanoNine: Blasphemy Laws Are Blasphemous

Everything is wrong with the death sentence slammed on nine Nigerians by a Kano Sharia Court for blaspheming the Prophet of Islam. Abdul-Inyas, Hajiya Mairo and ‘’seven others’’ ( branded the Kano Nine, a hint at the iconic Ogoni Nine) allegedly said, at a religious assembly in honor of the Senegalese