The Futility of President Buhari’s Oil Diplomacy

President Muhammadu Buhari is yet to reconcile himself to the extant post-oil world order. He is yet to attune his sense of reality to the fact that ‘oil-rich’ nations no longer have an insured future of fortune. That mono-product, import-dependent petro states now have an existential curveball of locating their

Osibanjo’s Made-in-Dubai Valentine

EMMANUEL UCHENNA UGWU Dolapo couldn’t keep the romance pilgrimage secret. She shared it. She blessed twitterverse with a picture of herself and her husband, Yemi Osibanjo, on Valentine’s Day, walking a Dubai street that seemed to be paved with precious stones. As a sight of a human couple, the picture bespeaks Eden

The Dream of Made-in-Nigeria Pencil

A couple of weeks ago, Nigeria announced a momentous, earth-shattering dream: Africa’s biggest economy will produce its first ever homemade pencil by the year 2018! This surely sounds like a dubious joke. A lie told against the Giant of Africa. But the proposed made-in-Nigeria pencil project is no idle tale. It

Why Buhari Must Watch Buharimeter

EMMANUEL UCHENNA UGWU   The Nigerian presidency has yet again made the ridiculous assertion to the effect that, in a country of 175 million people, only President Muhammadu Buhari possesses a reliable memory of his all campaign promises, and so, only Buhari is competent to score his own progress in redeeming his

How To Rig An Election With The Bible

Ayo Fayose has already sealed his legacy. In his middle age, he has lastingly defined himself as the rogue who abused a holy book as an apparatus of electoral fraud. The crook who used a copy of the Bible to bind his rigging partners to an oath of secrecy!   Fayose professes

Reading The Gospel According To The Economist

            A large segment of the Nigerian blogosphere exploded in rage after the local media published excerpts of The Economist’s article which profiled Nigeria’s immediate past president, Goodluck Jonathan, as an ‘’ineffectual buffoon’’, and his successor, Muhammadu Buhari, as a tactless minder medicating an anemic economy with a dinosaur formula.   Social media accounts