Feet Washing With A Nigerian Pope

A couple of days to his sacrificial death on the cross, Jesus Christ imparted to his disciples a lesson in humility, love, and stewardship. He, the master, girded his loins with a towel, stooped down like a servant, and washed their dirty feet. He bent the iron law of the

The Story of Alex Badeh’s ‘Menses’

The proceedings of Alex Badeh's trial, last week, threw up an amazing fact that lodged itself in my head, and at once, became its indigestible cud: Nigeria is an ecosystem that permits public officials to comfortably bleed public funds on a stable timetable! First, I apologize. I blush to deploy one

Central Bank of Nepotism: Before Buhari Demystifies Himself…

If President Muhammadu Buhari has heard of the recently exposed employment racket at the Central Bank of Nigeria (or the Central Bank of Nepotism), he has not shown it. He has yet to find it in his heart to acknowledge the subject personally. He has not caused any of his

Central Bank of Nigeria or Rich Kids’ Club?

SaharaReporters’ latest scoop on the stealthy, exclusive recruitment of kids of Nigeria’s big men by the Central Bank of Nigeria confronts us with the stark reality of a nation rigged in favor of its ruling elite and their offspring. The story goes: Godwin Emefiele, the governor of CBN, perpetrated an incestuous,

Ali Ndume, Dino Melaye and The Age of Their Ideas

The Nigerian senate recently produced two widely reported back-to-back stream of consciousness remarks that are more becoming of a pub than the highest lawmaking body of a real country. The two utterances share an easily recognizable misogynistic kernel. They emanated from ‘distinguished senators’ Ali Ndume and Dino Melaye.   The similarity and

Why Nigerian Politicians Are Car Collectors

EMMANUEL UCHENNA UGWU Nigeria is a car caste country. The car denominates people’s station in life. A beaten ‘tokunbo’ car says you are poor; a new ‘tear rubber’ car says you are rich!   Senate President Bukola Saraki showed his species last week. He differentiated himself from ordinary Nigerians who face the threat of