Wake Up, Saraki!

It is sobering to read that Bukola Saraki, the beleaguered Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in the dock for charges of fraud, theft and corruption, slips in and out of sleep, leaving the shell of his body as his consciousness intermittently escapes from and returns to the

Bukola Saraki: From A Thief To A Threat To National Security

Bukola Saraki has ceased to be a mere fugitive from the long shadow of his own criminal past. He is now a threat to national security. He is actively sabotaging all the three arms of the Nigerian government…from the vantage position of the senate president! Even after the Supreme Court gave

Alamieyeseigha In The Casket

It’s impossible not to linger on the picture of the man in the casket. He was dressed in white. His face was familiar. He was the self-crowned ‘’Governor General of the Ijaw nation.’’ He was due for interment. To be sure, reality dictated the use of the past sense. The subject

Letter To My Friend, Nze

Nze,   You have never hurt like this before. Your heart has never ached this bad before. But if you could see through the tears that cloud your eyes, please read this.   I am more proud of you today than I have ever been. I am proud of the fact that you fought

The Bishop and The Beatification of James Ibori

EMMANUEL UCHENNA UGWU If Fela was still here, he would have shot the perfect retort at the Bishop who counseled politicians to pattern their stealing after the style of James Ibori. The Afrobeat legend would have tweaked his classical song, Teacher, No Teach Me Nonsense. He would have sang, ‘’Bishop, No

As Soyinka Suffers Xenophobic Attack In Eko…

EMMANUEL UCHENNA UGWU Wole Soyinka, Nigeria’s greatest literary icon, is a global citizen. He is welcome and celebrated everywhere. But he is currently under an ironic xenophobic attack in his own country. The precursor of the assault? The Nobel Laureate accepted Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s invitation to serve as the co-Chairman of the