Starving To Death in The Caring Bosom of Nigeria

The condition of Nigerians in the internally displaced persons camps is a grave irony. They managed to escape the sword of Boko Haram. Now, they are dying avoidably in their secure refuges. They are starving to death in the caring bosom of Nigeria! The story of the misery of the IDPs and

Bring Back Our Girls and The Fourth Wall of Aso Rock

On Monday, a peaceful and orderly group of Nigerians, comprising Bring Back Our Girls advocates and some parents of the 200 Chibok girls, assembled at the Unity Fountain, Abuja. They set out for Aso Rock thereafter.  Their aim was to reach the Nigerian presidency with their presence and to prick the conscience of

Mayowa Ahmed and The Story of A Silent Genocide

Mayowa Ahmed is dead. The cancer sufferer passed away in the early hours of Sunday. She was a victim of the state-sponsored genocide that is silently decimating the Nigerian poor.   Mayowa would have lived longer or even beat the disease if the circumstances of her birth were different. She would still be

The Soldier Punctured Our Eyes

One of the worst misfortunes a Nigerian can experience is to fall into the hands of an angry Nigerian soldier. There is no predicting the inhumanity that will ensue. The potential victim stands the risk of sustaining a physical injury that would follow him to the grave and an emotional

For My Grandmother: A Tribute of Thanksgiving

At the age of 90, Mama didn’t die young. Yet, the news of her death disorientated me and hurt me more than I can articulate in words. Her passage represented the foreclosure of the fulfillment of a personal wish: I had always prayed, at least, for my first child to

Gambling With The Lives of The Chibok Girls

After a 'proof of life' video showing scores of Chibok girls emerged yesterday, the Nigerian Army took a rash step that is sure to endanger the lives of the hostages: It declared Dubai-based Nigerian journalist Ahmed Salkida, Ahmed U. Bolori and Aisha Wakil wanted for supposedly hoarding information on the whereabouts of the world's

Buhari and The Audacity of The Fulani Herdsmen

Two weeks ago, Fulani herdsmen invaded Gaambe-Tiev, Benue State and killed 14 people. Last weekend, they overran Kodomun, Adamawa State and killed 30 people. Before the middle of the new week, they had marched across Ungwan Anjo, Akwaa and Gida Biyu, Kaduna State and  killed 10 people. In the three incidences, the