The Gospel of Three-in-One Buhari

Judging by the fluidity of the official position on the health of President Muhammadu Buhari, there are three President Muhammadu Buharis currently on medical vacation in London. First is a sick Buhari. Second is a hale and hearty Buhari. And third is a resting Buhari. All of them are coequal, coexistent

Don’t Pray For Buhari’s Recovery

Since President Muhammadu Buhari departed Nigeria on ‘medical vacation’ one month ago, politicians, monarchs and religious leaders have been entreating Nigerians to pray for his quick recovery and safe return. The Buhari administration has also been using the solicitation of prayers for President Buhari as a tactic to evade citizens’ demand for enlightening information on his state

Andrew Yakubu Was A Country

Truth is not always absolute. Sometimes, it has layers of correctness. For example, it’s a self-evident truth that Andrew Yakubu was a klpetocrat. But that’s a lower layer of truth. There is a higher and more relevant layer of truth about Andrew: He was his own country. The former Group Managing

The Soldiers At The Beautiful Gate

The Bible tells the story of a miracle at the Beautiful Gate. Two disciples met a lame man and healed him. Few days ago, in Onitsha, two Nigerian soldiers chanced upon a man in wheelchair... and crippled him the more. A video recording of the encounter is on Youtube: The soldiers

Waiting For Tuface

Late Saturday night, Innocent Idibia, caved in. He announced, at the dying minute, the cancellation of the much anticipated anti-government protest scheduled to hold in Lagos and Abuja on Monday, 6th February. After initially assuring intending protesters that he would defy the Nigerian government and proceed with the ‘’One Voice’’