Love Evans Today, Love Shekau Tomorrow

The arrest of Evans, the press-styled 'kidnapping kingpin’, provoked a backlash typical of a case of criminal grandeur in this clime. As soon as he began to sing about the size of his kidnap industry and his principle of collecting handsome ransoms in hard currency and the pictures of his Lagos

Virtually all reasonable Nigerians have condemned the ‘’Quit Notice’’ served on Igbos resident in the Northern region of Nigeria by the Coalition of Northern Youth Groups. But if ‘’what’s past is prologue’’, we already have a death watch. We have, right now, a countdown to another customized Igbo-targets-only pogrom. It’s

2019 and The Legend of Buhari on A Wheelchair

Considering President Muhammadu Buhari’s struggle in the health stakes and an unremitting debilitating disease which has kept him out of his office and country indefinitely, should the 74 year old be on the ballot in 2019? In an ideal world, this is a non-question. The proposition carries the unmistakable undertones of callousness and