Are You The Nigerian Police Or Buhari’s Militia?

More often than not, the Nigerian Police runs riot like a malicious militia whenever the politics of the president of Nigeria faces a viable challenge in the form of a street protest. The police rush out to crush the demonstration.  They assault the protesters. They brutalize them on an order of

The Song Before The Genocide

When a group of Northern youths gathered in Arewa House, Kaduna and issued a ‘quit notice’ to all Igbos resident in the Northern Nigeria from that symbolic bastion of Arewaland, I hastened to clarify that "It’s A Genocide Notice, Not A Quit Notice." My reading of that thinly veiled threat of pogrom

Rich Thief, Poor Thieves and A Burglary

In the more innocent past, the Igbos had a way of denouncing a steward or guard who committed the treachery of stealing the very thing he was hired to manage or secure. They called him the proverbial dog that ate the bone hung around its neck. That barbed censure fits the