Are You The Nigerian Police Or Buhari’s Militia?

More often than not, the Nigerian Police runs riot like a malicious militia whenever the politics of the president of Nigeria faces a viable challenge in the form of a street protest. The police rush out to crush the demonstration.  They assault the protesters. They brutalize them on an order of

The Song Before The Genocide

When a group of Northern youths gathered in Arewa House, Kaduna and issued a ‘quit notice’ to all Igbos resident in the Northern Nigeria from that symbolic bastion of Arewaland, I hastened to clarify that "It’s A Genocide Notice, Not A Quit Notice." My reading of that thinly veiled threat of pogrom

Searching for Oil and Death in Shekau’s Backyard

Nothing proves Nigeria’s status as an oil alcoholic like the 50 dead bodies of the NNPC oil exploration team to Maiduguri. The scent of oil had us staggering into the killing field, with our eyes open: hence, the slaughter at the tryst of the country’s thirst for oil and Boko Haram’s bloodthirst.   It’s

Deconstructing ‘The Floating Toilet’ of Bayelsa

The proud rollout of ‘a floating toilet’ by one member of Bayelsa State House of Assembly outraged the Nigerian blogosphere. Nigerian netizens decried the woeful ostentation of the wretched contraption. The well-choreographed ‘commissioning’ ceremony appeared to have cost a lot more than horrible loo itself.   Kate Owoko cobbled the ‘floating latrine’

From Wailing Wailers To Descendants of Shimei

It seems that the spokesman of the Nigerian president must have significant abuse value. You must have a facility for name-calling. Or you must be a normal man that is willing to cast aside your manners and dispense insults on the chief’s behalf.   When Wole Soyinka expressed strong reservations about President

The Pets Aisha Called Jackals and Hyenas

The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, received the biggest surprise of his adult life last week.   Without any prior sign of the evolution of her views on self-determination, Aisha Buhari dramatically subscribed to the motto of Kanu's secessionist movement that President Muhammadu Buhari had tried so hard to shoot

Emir Sanusi: The Deferred Salvation of A Hypocrite

There is a pantheon of Nigerians who can bend the law to their will. Their wish is a command. They are always indulged, whether at the expense of the sacred or the profane.   The name of this charmed circle is ‘omnipotent’. They may hand the most damned soul a lifeline. They

The Gospel of Three-in-One Buhari

Judging by the fluidity of the official position on the health of President Muhammadu Buhari, there are three President Muhammadu Buharis currently on medical vacation in London. First is a sick Buhari. Second is a hale and hearty Buhari. And third is a resting Buhari. All of them are coequal, coexistent

Don’t Pray For Buhari’s Recovery

Since President Muhammadu Buhari departed Nigeria on ‘medical vacation’ one month ago, politicians, monarchs and religious leaders have been entreating Nigerians to pray for his quick recovery and safe return. The Buhari administration has also been using the solicitation of prayers for President Buhari as a tactic to evade citizens’ demand for enlightening information on his state