When Dino Melaye Represents You…

At every given point in time, the Nigerian news cycle is certain to relay a particular tiding whose apparent purpose is to remind you that you are more of a participant in a comical experiment than the citizen of a proper country.   That reminder is the very element that makes the

The Obituary of Dino Melaye

Last week, Dino Melaye, the delinquent senator from Kogi West, traveled to the farthest possible extreme of the continuum of sycophancy. He sketched his own obituary in lieu of fealty to his tarnished idol. He vowed that he would sooner die than live to see Bukola Saraki, the career thief

Why Nigerian Politicians Are Car Collectors

EMMANUEL UCHENNA UGWU Nigeria is a car caste country. The car denominates people’s station in life. A beaten ‘tokunbo’ car says you are poor; a new ‘tear rubber’ car says you are rich!   Senate President Bukola Saraki showed his species last week. He differentiated himself from ordinary Nigerians who face the threat of

Can Nigeria Survive The Saraki Safari?

‘’Senate President’’ Bukola Saraki and his company have done something to, ‘lightening never strikes the same place twice’. They have killed that idiom! On Wednesday, 20th October, 2015, Saraki reported at the Code of Conduct Tribunal Abuja in continuation of his trial for false declaration of assets and corrupt enrichment. He