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Andrew Yakubu Was A Country

Truth is not always absolute. Sometimes, it has layers of correctness. For example, it’s a self-evident truth that Andrew Yakubu was a klpetocrat. But that’s a lower layer of truth. There is a higher and more relevant layer of truth about Andrew: He was his own country. The former Group Managing

We Have No Sanctuaries Left

If you didn’t know that Nigeria was a land of oddities, this piece of news is an education you might appreciate: A Nigerian professor was caught, three weeks ago, helping herself with examination malpractice at the University of Jos, the same school where she teaches.   But then, Benedicta Daudu, an associate

Alamieyeseigha In The Casket

It’s impossible not to linger on the picture of the man in the casket. He was dressed in white. His face was familiar. He was the self-crowned ‘’Governor General of the Ijaw nation.’’ He was due for interment. To be sure, reality dictated the use of the past sense. The subject