The Distance Between Houston and Makurdi

Houston is light years away from Makurdi. The American city and Nigerian town are separated by spatial and civilizational distances. They are also separated by the sensitivity of the disaster response mechanisms obtainable in their respective climes. The historic flooding of Houston overwhelmed the city’s infrastructure, displaced people from 100, 000 homes, and created a vast […]

Two Bishops, The Church Built On Drugs, And The Rest Of Us

The Catholic Church is in a hurry to move on. The church reopened her doors for holy mass one week after a lone gunman walked into St. Philips Parish Ozobulu, shot 12 worshipers dead and left 27 injured. On Saturday evening, the Catholic Bishop of Nnewi Diocese, Most Rev. Hilary Okeke, showed up and ‘rededicated’ the church building, […]

Deconstructing ‘The Floating Toilet’ of Bayelsa

The proud rollout of ‘a floating toilet’ by one member of Bayelsa State House of Assembly outraged the Nigerian blogosphere. Nigerian netizens decried the woeful ostentation of the wretched contraption. The well-choreographed ‘commissioning’ ceremony appeared to have cost a lot more than horrible loo itself.   Kate Owoko cobbled the ‘floating latrine’ together with corrugated […]

From Wailing Wailers To Descendants of Shimei

It seems that the spokesman of the Nigerian president must have significant abuse value. You must have a facility for name-calling. Or you must be a normal man that is willing to cast aside your manners and dispense insults on the chief’s behalf.   When Wole Soyinka expressed strong reservations about President Obasanjo’s philistine militarism, […]

The Pets Aisha Called Jackals and Hyenas

The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, received the biggest surprise of his adult life last week.   Without any prior sign of the evolution of her views on self-determination, Aisha Buhari dramatically subscribed to the motto of Kanu’s secessionist movement that President Muhammadu Buhari had tried so hard to shoot dead and ‘’crush.’’   […]