Itse Sagay: The Change of A Law Professor to A Raw Sycophant

Tom Paine’s saying that it takes only a step to descend from the sublime to the ridiculous is not a cliché: it’s a timeless truth. One of the most erudite law professors to come out of Nigeria has become a raw sycophant. It took an unimportant political appointment for Itse Sagay to reduce himself to […]

Buhari for Life President!

The senatorial candidate now senator-elect who gave notice that his singular mission to the Red Chambers was to actualize the amendment of the Nigerian constitution to make Muhammadu Buhari president for life is a prodigious buffoon. But Nigerians must resist the temptation to dismiss Lawal Gumau as a wildly imaginative idiot miscast in leadership. He is an important herald. You […]

The New Poverty Capital of the World Needs A Drastic Disruption

The Brookings Institution recently published a grim report that indicated Nigeria has leapfrogged India to become the country with the highest number of people in extreme poverty and the de facto poverty capital of the world. According to the report which was based on the latest World Poverty Clock data, Nigeria is now the frontrunner […]

June 12, Abiola, Gani and Buhari’s Vote-catching Gambit

President Buhari’s plan to beatify president-elect MKO Abiola and human rights activist Gani Fawehinmi eight months to the 2019 general elections is an instantly recognizable vote-catching gambit. The scheme is offensive enough to be bracketed with daylight versions of grave looting. It is a morbid move to hijack and convert the tombstones of two of […]

PIGB: The Case for the President’s Assent

When you are the president of a country, your signature has extraordinary force. A stroke of your pen can dismantle decades-old monuments. Your imprimatur can change the narrative of a generation. The most important piece of legislation President Buhari will ever sign is lying on his desk. It is the Petroleum Industry Governance Bill (PIGB). […]

Jacob Zuma’s Long Walk To Darkness

Last Wednesday night, Jacob Zuma beat a hasty retreat from the presidential lectern after he announced his resignation ‘’with immediate effect.’’ Those steps away from the spotlight are the beginning of a lonely walk in darkness. Zuma had docked and dodged and deferred his overdue departure. But on the eve of a no-confidence vote that […]

The Unique Nigerian Fable of A Money-Eating Snake

The proverbial excuse of the lazy American student is ‘‘the dog ate my homework.’’ We now have an analogous fable of the corrupt Nigerian official: ‘’the snake ate my loot.’’ Philomena Chieshe, a female cashier at the Makurdi office of Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, told auditors who asked her to account for the 36 […]

The Problem With Obasanjo and His Coalition

Of all the rulers who have contributed to the underdevelopment of Nigeria and the impoverishment of her people, President Olusegun Obasanjo is the most hypocritical and hypercritical. Obasanjo suffers from the excessive need to be seen and heard. His attitude is the very definition of existential superiority: I am Obasanjo and you are not! It […]