Time For Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Jonathan To Vomit

There is a phenomenon crying to be acknowledged as one of the unique features of the Nigerian kleptocracy. That phenomenon also represents a multi-disciplinary riddle: It should provoke research in the fields of law, criminology, and medicine. That phenomenon is the near-assured certainty that the average Nigerian politico charged for expropriating public funds will ‘fall […]

Encountering David Mark, The Rich Poor Man

SaharaReporters recently published the telephone directory of members of the National Assembly and Nigerian state governors. The significance of the exposure of those numbers is lost on many. But it represents one of the disruptive events in Nigerian history. Naturally, they did not volunteer their numbers. They are not believers in the concept of governance […]

Enugu Massacre: The Branding of Buhari As Comedian-in-Chief

What does President Barack Obama do when a hate-drunk man enters a school building and shoots American kids dead?   The busiest and most burdened leader in the world suspends his routine and moves quickly to own the carnage as the ultimate guardian of the United States. He goes on air soon after the news […]