Saraki, Ekweremmadu and Life Parasitism

This month a year ago, Bukola Saraki and Ike Ekweremadu conspired with top clerks of the National Assembly and bastardized the senate rules of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Saraki and Ekweremmadu used the resultant playbook to choreograph their coronation as Deputy Senate President and Senate President respectively. On the first anniversary of that farce, they […]

The Bishop and The Beatification of James Ibori

EMMANUEL UCHENNA UGWU If Fela was still here, he would have shot the perfect retort at the Bishop who counseled politicians to pattern their stealing after the style of James Ibori. The Afrobeat legend would have tweaked his classical song, Teacher, No Teach Me Nonsense. He would have sang, ‘’Bishop, No Preach Me Nonsense!’’ Fela […]