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  1. That was a most an astounding piece of writing. Best thing I have read in a while. You ought to write /publish something for public consumption.Be a public intellectual. well done.
    all the best.

  2. Thoughts and Epiphanies of A Patriot!
    Emmanuel Uchenna Ugwu interrogates the sabotaged promise of Nigeria He writes for the love of the country.
    Emmanuel Uchenna Ugwu,
    Today I just decided to visit the website of the Islamic movement in Nigeria when I stated searching for any new post, I stumbled on your piece “El-Rufai dont kill the Zaria Massacre” I was spelled bond! in fact I was carried away with your seamless craftsmanship of not only words and expressions but the lucidity and flow of your piece is unimaginable! enmeshed with bare truth which is seldom seen from parties like you. the painstaking order of your facts is amazing, I cant help but say you are a true patriot, in fact I am short of words to say the least, you are a real patriots, more grease to your elbows, wishing you the best in your quest to save your mother land, please and proud to be associated with you. cheers

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